I knew it was a mistake. Ever since I set my eyes on it I knew trouble. If only I had noticed that when we first ‘met’. Well, met is’nt the right word. Perhaps encounted, or… well… I can’t think of any others, but ‘met’ is the wrong word.  We first encountered was in my top-of-the-line ferrari racer. I was driving along, and then it was just there, on the steering wheel. After the incident, we’re both lucky to be alive. But now he’s done it. Smashed my laptop. He will be out of the house by tomorow. Definantly.

the news(not true)


Hello, this is Joe ‘Peanut’ Kolwalyniski with the news. There has been a stink bomb put in the news station so everyone passed out until gas masks were suplied to everyone exept the grumpy security guard from Korea. The stink bomb was planted by the inhabitants of Mercury.


On other news, Donald Trump makes a fool of himself. (Again.) A sixteen year old has been found with the ability to read minds!!!!!! But… Donald Trump put him in prison for life. (Someone should do that to Trump. That would be satisfying and entertaining.)

Also, scientists create a snail with super speed (see next post) and a drone has found an underwater civilization. It is rumored to be Atlantis!!

Now… on to the weather.

Hello world!


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