Behind the news


Summary: Red

Facts:  Purple

Understandings: Blue

Question: Pink

This clip was about the ratings of TV shows like PG and G.

Some people think the current movie rating key isn’t that effective.

They want to do it by age group.

The system was set up in the ninetys.

I now know how many film ratings there are; five.

I now understand that the names stand for something.

What is the current movie rating thing called?


Behind the news report


Summary: Red

Facts: green

Understandings: blue

Questions: Pink

This clip was about how Pluto is newly considered a dwarf planet and some people want to change it back.

People were sad when Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet.

Some scientists are trying to reconsider Pluto being a planet.

They want to make it about what’s on the planet, not it’s size.

I now understand that there are lots of things in our solar system that could be planets.

I now understand that Pluto is smaller than our moon.

Will Pluto ever be a planet again?

By Samuel, Gianni and Thomas.

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Facts: blue

Understandings: green

My question: pink

This clip explained how some social media sites aren’t good for teenagers and children.

There was a survey about the top five most used sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Some sites have impact on sleep.

YouTube got the worst on sleep but it got the best for people expressing their feelings.

I now know how much time people spend on social media.

I now understand that snapchat exists and it isn’t good, though lots of people use it.

Why do people do it so often?