NEWS REPORT 2 (also not true)

Hello, this is Joe ‘Peanut’ Kolwalyniski with the news. There was an alien invasion which interupted the show Behind The News. We apologise for any inconvenience and will prevent it from happening in the future. The guy who could mind read in the last news report can also control minds as well, and he currently controls the new species. But (our faviroute freind,) Donald Trump (NOT) has declared war against the guy and promptly realised the aliens have lazer eyes and could fry him in a second. So, it’s all a happy ending. Now onto the weather…

I will do the weather because I stole the weatherman’s script and hid it up my shirt. Now, in Miami a hailstorm has caused everyone’s umbrellas to get holes in them. In Japan, it is cloudy with a chance of meatballs and in Australia a snowstorm has made the entire continent white with a bit of white and white. Unfortunately I chucked the script in the bin, and the is all I can remember. Bye!

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