news report


Hello, this is Joe ‘Peanut’ Kolwalyniski with the news. There has been nothing interesting today except the fact that someone sent a nuclear missile to mercury. No prizes if you guessed it was trump. Also, a guy came from 2178 in a time machine. But, after he met our favorite friend (NOT!!!!!!) Donald Trump he left. And, the best news so far, I got a Groudon in Pokémon Go!!!!!!! The end is near! That is, for the news report, at the next period              .

Christmas poems


Hi, today I wrote 2 poems about Christmas. Here is the first one:

Christmas day is great

You get a lot of presents

Joy is in the air.

As you may (or may not) have guessed, that was a haiku. The next one is a rhyming poem:

It was Christmas day, I ran out of my room

I turned on the light so I could see in the gloom 

The presents were there, under the tree

And, best of all, about half was for me

While opening, I said to all that could hear

Merry Christmas, and a happy new year.

That is all for today, and no, I cannot give you my autograph.

Six room process/the news


This is Joe ‘Peanut’ Kolwalyniski with the news. There has been 3… no, wait 2 six room poems made by two kids. They are called Samuel(who happends to be the guy who hires me) and Adam who lives on earth. Here is the first one done by Samuel:



The oak tree stands tall, taller than the rest.


It’s shadows stretch long in the afternoon sun.


The wind makes the oak tree’s leaves rustle.


As the sun sets, noon turns into night.

And this one was done by Adam, who lives on earth:

When I split my head open it was bright and sunny. My sister was rushing to my mum and it was funny. I was on the ground thinking to myself why did my brother bump me and I was feeling worried. There was blood everywhere.



I knew it was a mistake. Ever since I set my eyes on it I knew trouble. If only I had noticed that when we first ‘met’. Well, met is’nt the right word. Perhaps encounted, or… well… I can’t think of any others, but ‘met’ is the wrong word.  We first encountered was in my top-of-the-line ferrari racer. I was driving along, and then it was just there, on the steering wheel. After the incident, we’re both lucky to be alive. But now he’s done it. Smashed my laptop. He will be out of the house by tomorow. Definantly.

NEWS REPORT 2 (also not true)


Hello, this is Joe ‘Peanut’ Kolwalyniski with the news. There was an alien invasion which interupted the show Behind The News. We apologise for any inconvenience and will prevent it from happening in the future. The guy who could mind read in the last news report can also control minds as well, and he currently controls the new species. But (our faviroute freind,) Donald Trump (NOT) has declared war against the guy and promptly realised the aliens have lazer eyes and could fry him in a second. So, it’s all a happy ending. Now onto the weather…

I will do the weather because I stole the weatherman’s script and hid it up my shirt. Now, in Miami a hailstorm has caused everyone’s umbrellas to get holes in them. In Japan, it is cloudy with a chance of meatballs and in Australia a snowstorm has made the entire continent white with a bit of white and white. Unfortunately I chucked the script in the bin, and the is all I can remember. Bye!