Hi, I am a snail and I don’t like it. I nearly die all the time. Crossing footpath… probarly gonna kill me. Bathing in sun… probarly gonna kill me. Reading a book… probarly gonna kill me. So, one day I went to the lab (1 km away) and came to near death 100 times. When I made it, the scientist poured some purple, bubbly liquid on me. Suddenly I had super speed!!!! Zoom! I went back home. Zoom! I went to the lottery. Zoom! I won the lottery. Zoom! I wrote a best-selling book. Zoom! I bought a solid gold shell. Zoom! I bought a concorde. Zoom! I bought a Japanese bullet train. Zoom! I beat in a race. Zoom! I flew to Thailand. Zoom! I fell asleep. Zoom! I did a 8km hike. Then… a dragon came and ate me and I died. Turns out even if your fast,  you still die. THE END.

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