fred the camel part 3


Hi, if you have not read Fred the camel part one or part two click on the one you haven’t read. Now, without further postponing, the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“That is it” I said to myself “I am avoiding all water holes from now on.”

I had nearly drowned in a water hole just yesterday. No matter how thirsty I was, I would not go near water holes, puddles, lakes or streams. None of those I would even touch. Suddenly the sand beneath me became wet. After a bit it was visible to see water above the waves. I was really freaking out when the water started spinning underneath me. Soon it was all clear. It was a whirlpool and I was caught in the middle!!!!!

The water pulled me under. I fought it, but eventually I was submerged. I was about 3 meters underwater when I saw the squid. I kicked at it but I couldn’t reach it. It swam out of view and a steady stream of black ink came shooting at me, coming from where it disappeared. The ink hit my chest and crowded around me. As soon as it started to crowd around me, I felt unnaturally tired. It was as if the ink was making me fall asleep. I tried to fight it, and failed.

The first thought when I woke was am I dead?  Then: what’s for breakfast?  And: why am I floating in a massive bubble in the middle of the ocean? I was, of course, floating in a massive bubble in the middle of the ocean. A squid swam up to me, and judging by his trident in one tentacle, he wasn’t here to give me breakfast. He blew a stream of bubbles at my bubble. His bubbles entered mine and when they popped, I could hear him. “I am going to take you to general squid head’s chambers. If you fight, I will stab you.”

He swam away, and the bubble I was in followed him. Soon, my bubble popped and I realized I could breathe. I snuck up behind him and hit him on the head with my foot until he was unconscious. I grabbed his trident and snapped it so if he chased me he couldn’t stab me.

I realized there was a tunnel to my right with driftwood on top. Inscribed in it was the word DESERT. I charged through the tunnel and was covered in light. I ran for 5 minutes so they couldn’t find me. Then I collapsed, and slept instantly.

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