The jail was pure iron with steel bars. The guards were in the middle of the night shift. The only light visible was a light bulb in the middle of the hallway. I was only 12 when I was first sent here and here I am, 4 years later. Only 3 more years left. Hooray.  I am stuck with 5 other people, most around my age, cramped in a 2 person cell. We were all bored like most of the time when suddenly it went dark. The sounds of gunshots echoed through the crowded cell. We were being rescued! I would be leaving 3 years earlier!



If you read Fred the camel part one, you would know that I am a boring camel in a boring life and I find a water hole that floods. For the full story, click here. Now, for part 2 …

 I was so thirsty. The water hole I had drunk from seemed like a dream. After all, it was three days ago. Suddenly, I stopped on a sand hill, overlooking a valley. I could see a small lake below me. My slow steps quickened, then turned into a fast sprint. I fell twice, but I got back up and going. In no time I was at the hole. I leapt in, but forgot one simple fact: camels can’t swim! The hole was deep. I thought I would drown. Then, I saw a squid. The same one I saw in my dream. The dream was trying to warn me! My feet the bottom, so I pushed with all my might. It sped me to the surface. I climbed out, but the lake grew and flowed over my feet. I saw the squid, floating in front of me. With one strong kick, I sent it flying across the sand dunes. As soon as my feet made contact, the water shrunk back to its regular size. I took a quick sip, and moved on. I wanted to get as far away as possible.



Hi, my name is Fred. I’m a camel and I am bored, like usual. It’s very boring in the desert. One day I was really thirsty when I saw a water hole in the distance. I rushed to it and jumped in. SPLASH!!! It was so refreshing! I climbed out and lay down. In seconds I was asleep. Suddenly, the water flew into the sky and rained down on me. My eyes flew open and I got to my feet. I realised that my feet were real cold. I looked down and saw water up too my lower legs. It was flooding! I ran at top speed away from the water. But, I’m a bad runner, so I tripped and fell on the wet sand. The water went over my head. I was drowning! I saw a squid, and fainted. Then I woke. “AH!!” I yelled. So it was a dream after all. I was so glad it never happened. I left the water and continued into my boring, boring life.

Feeling paragraph


Again, in writing class, as a warm up, Lee gave us each cards with a feeling on it and we had to write a paragraph about that feeling. I got greedy this time. Here it is:

A huge meal was spread around me. I licked my lips and started on a bowl of pudding. Two hours later I finished. I didn’t feel well, so I went to bed.

Feeling paragraph


In a writing class, as a warm up, Lee gave us each cards with a feeling on it and we had to write a paragraph about that feeling. I got cheerfull. Here it is:

I was so happy. I had completed the music with no mistakes. I would pass the exam and learn new pieces for the next one. Just two more exams then I can teach piano. “Yes!” I said to myself.

Behind the news


Summary: Red

Facts:  Purple

Understandings: Blue

Question: Pink

This clip was about the ratings of TV shows like PG and G.

Some people think the current movie rating key isn’t that effective.

They want to do it by age group.

The system was set up in the ninetys.

I now know how many film ratings there are; five.

I now understand that the names stand for something.

What is the current movie rating thing called?