one hundred word challenge


I was super exited in the car drive because I had finally convinced my mother and father to bring me to the new water park: Water World!!!

I leapt out of the car once it stopped and quickly got undressed. I decided to go on a water slide first. There was no line, so I jumped up the stairs three at a time and got on the slide. I sped up faster and faster, when all of a sudden I fell through a hole in the slide, and splashed into a deep pool. The stunt was scary, but really cool.

100 word challenge


When I woke, I did not know who or where I was. It was so dark I coudn’t see my hand in front of my face. I felt the wall. It was flat and smooth, like steel. I walked and walked for what seemed like hours.Then I realised I could see a dim light coming from what looked like a one meter high lightbulb. Suddenly the light flashed so bright I thought I was perminantly blinded. But then the flash made me walk slowly foward, as if the flash had controll over me. Then, I collapsed, drained of energy.

hundred word challenge


Hi, I’m Fred. It’s the school holidays and I’m at my faviroute passtime: a fair. I’m at the front of the line for the ferris whell. The last group is finishing and I am about to be called up. I walk to a horse and hop on. The ride starts up again. Now it’s speeding up. Faster and faster. Too fast. Suddenly my horse leaps off the ferris wheel and gallops away, leaping over a bench. All the other horses follow me. We go through the gate, leaving startled people behind. They go away from the fair into the unknown…

Behind the news report


Summary: Red

Facts: green

Understandings: blue

Questions: Pink

This clip was about how Pluto is newly considered a dwarf planet and some people want to change it back.

People were sad when Pluto was classified as a dwarf planet.

Some scientists are trying to reconsider Pluto being a planet.

They want to make it about what’s on the planet, not it’s size.

I now understand that there are lots of things in our solar system that could be planets.

I now understand that Pluto is smaller than our moon.

Will Pluto ever be a planet again?

By Samuel, Gianni and Thomas.

one hundred word challenge


Hi, I’m a mouse named Joe. I have lime-coloured fur and I am five centimeters long. Today I saw a ship in the harbour at six o’clock in the morning. I excitedly ran over to the harbour and jumped onto the deck. I couldn’t see a living thing on the ship so I climbed the mast and leapt inside the crowsnest. But a gang of black rats were allready inside it. When they saw me they shoved me out of the crowsnest. Then they leapt out and, alltogethor flung me overboard. I have no hope. I can’t swim.