100 word challenge by brooklyn and samuel



This is amazing! We have just found a massive chocolate egg! Me, Bob and Patrick are going to the colony of workers. It will feed us for weeks!!! And we will be promoted to captain of a material search squad. “No Patrick!!!” I yell “do not climb on the egg!!!” Now he is jumping on the egg!!! I can see the cracks spreading through the egg! The egg is breaking in two parts!!! Patrick is sinking into the cream. Oh no!!! Wait, he is the idiot who broke it in the first place. “Let him drown” Bob said very loudly.   

BTN Homework


This is my homework today.



Facts: blue

Understandings: green

My question: pink

This clip explained how some social media sites aren’t good for teenagers and children.

There was a survey about the top five most used sites like Facebook and YouTube.

Some sites have impact on sleep.

YouTube got the worst on sleep but it got the best for people expressing their feelings.

I now know how much time people spend on social media.

I now understand that snapchat exists and it isn’t good, though lots of people use it.

Why do people do it so often?



gist two


this week we have done anouther Gist lesson:

 Key words: people, idea, welcoming, cat, dog, into, home, seems, like, responsibility, they, would, avoid.

Pets, need, activity, and, if, dog, becomes, your, pet, you’ll, be, signing, up, for, daily, walks.

Having, animal, can, have, impact, on, social, life, in, a, good, way.

Having, pet, in, home, is, great, way, for, children, to, learn, life, lessons.

The, presence, of, pet, in, home, can, boost, mood.

 Gist: pets have lots of advantages if you get one like losing weight, children learning life lessons and boosting your mood.

Word Count: 20



TOOT! The train leaves in one minute. I walked into a carriage hold. The doors closed, and the train was off. A guy who looked like a sailor yelled “WHERE’S THE WATER SLIDE? I WANT COFFEE!!!!”

I didn’t bring any coffee and I certainly didn’t know about a water slide. Then the sailor pulled a machine gun and said to an old lady “I’ll shoot if you don’t give coffee!!”

The lady screamed and gave him her last cup of coffee. The sailor drank it in one gulp. Then he got bored and started shooting the walls. Everyone in the carriage except me and a teenager screamed and ran to the next carriage. “Stop!” I cried. He stopped and turned to me. The sailor asked me, calmly “where is the water slide?”

“There is no water slide” I explained.

“WHAT!?!?!?!?!?” He screamed. ”NO WATER SLIDE?”

Then he started shooting the seats. After he shot a few seats, he put the machine gun on an unshot seat. Then he asked me “if there is no water slide, what shall I do?”

I said ““I don’t know.”

Then he walked to the teenager and stole his bottle of beer. Then he drunk a half of the bottle. The drunk sailor then questioned “where did you hide my gun?”

Then one of the doors opened and in walked someone. “Hi” he said “I’m Joe and who does this machine gun belong to?” he held up the gun.

He then grabbed me and started poking me. Surprisingly it hurt. Then one of the doors opened and in walked someone. “Hi!” he said, “my name is Joe and who does this machine gun belong to?”

He held up the sailor’s machine gun. “THAT’S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Thundered the sailor.

He ran over, gave Joe a killer poke and seized the gun.

Suddenly the roof vaporized into nothing and into nothing and in fell a head with a million tentacles instead of hair. “I have come to conquer earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Quick as a flash, Joe grabbed a lightsabre from his pocket and lopped off all of the tentacles at the base so the head looked like a bleeding football.

“Wow!!” I said.

“Ow.”  Muttered the head with no tentacles.

I WANT COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed the sailor NOW!!!!!!”                  

Then a huge eyeball fell in from the roof.  “Have you have got any coffee?” the sailor asked it.

The eye did nothing. Then it rolled toward me. I backed away. Joe tensed. Then Joe got his lightsabre ready. But the sailor shot the eyeball hundreds of times. “Have you got coffee?” he asked Joe.

“Actually, I’ve got a lot.” Joe replied.

He grabbed 18 cups of coffee from his bag. The sailor drank it in 25 seconds. BUURRRPP!!!!!!!!

Then he flew out the hole in the carriage and shot all the remaining aliens. “LARGE AMOUNTS OF COFFEE GIVES ME SUPER POWERS!!” Bellowed the sailor.

Then he flew to the nearest water park. I haven’t seen him after that. Toot! I said bye to Joe and got out. Then I went straight to bed. I had had a busy day.



This week we have been learning about the summarizing stratergy GIST. Here’s a link for the lesson:   http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/06/14/gist-lesson/

This a example of a GIST:

1st key words: evidence, shows, humans, catching,since 40000 years, archeogical evidence shows bones, cave paintings.

1st GIST: archeoligists have proved that people have been catching fish for 40000 years by finding discarded fish bones and cave drawings.

Word count: 20

2nd key words: recreational fishing done  different ways.

2nd GIST: humans have been catching fish for 40000 years, probarly by hand. These days we do it with hooks and poles.

Wordcount:  20

3rd key words: most people consider fishing hook and line.

3rd GIST: humans have been catching fish for 40000 years, probarly by hand. These days, people think of it as hook and line.

Word count: 21